NO. Regulations Execution status
01 Charter
  • The company reported at the 2012 regular shareholders meeting that since the pre-tax loss before allocating employee and director remuneration in 2011 was NT$22,611,888, no employee and director remuneration will be appropriated.
02 Corporate Governance Code of Practice  
03 Code of Ethical Conduct  
04 Measures for the Management of Internal Major Information Processing and Prevention of Insider Trading
  • 2023/6/16 Securities and Futures Market Development Foundation of the Republic of China "Introduction to Short-term Trading by Company Insiders and Case Analysis" Course 3 hours 1 participating director
  • 2023/8/7 Securities Over-the-Counter Trading Center "Insider Equity Promotion and Briefing Session for Listed Overseas Companies" Course 3 hours, 1 insider participating
05 Code of Practice for Sustainable Development
06 Integrity Business Code
07 Integrity Management Operating Procedures and Conduct Guidelines
08 Rules of Procedure for Shareholders' Meeting  
09 Board of Directors Rules of Procedure  
10 Director selection process  
11 Rules on the Scope of Responsibilities of Independent Directors  
12 Audit Committee Organizational Rules  
13 Organizational Rules of the Salary and Remuneration Committee  
14 Board performance evaluation method  
15 Standard operating procedures for matters requested by directors  
16 Risk Management Policies and Procedures
  • The company evaluates various risks faced by the company, including risk environment, risk management priorities, risk assessment and response measures, and reports to the board of directors on February 17, 2023.
17 Transaction procedures for group companies, specific companies and related parties