About Us

EOC is the leading thin-film optics company in the industry

East Tender Optoelectronics Corp, locates in YiLAN Taiwan, is a professional thin film filter coating company. The main field is the optical communication industry which including cloud data center, passive optical components, active optical components and other customized filters...


The main product application areas include cloud data centers, optical communication active components, optical communication passive components and various customized filters.


  • Band Pass Filters

    Band pass Filters are defined as a gap pass filters with certain range of pass band. It is used to transmit a range of wavelengths and reflects rest of wavelength on both sides of the pass band. an example spectrum is shown as below. It can be characterized into two types: Narrowband & Broadband pass.

  • Edge Type Filters

    Optical Edge filters which used to transmit a range of wavelengths and reflect the other edge of wavelength bands. It can be characterized into two types: Short edge pass filter(SPF) & Long edge pass filter(LPF).


    A beam splitter/combiner is an optical device that splits/combines a beam of light in two or the other way. It is a crucial part of many optical experimental and measurement systems, such as interferometers, also finding widespread application in fibre optic telecommunications.