Physical Vapor Deposition 

EOC employs physical vapor deposition (PVD) technologies to realize coating designs.
PVD, which stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, is a technology that evaporates solid materials and condenses them onto a substrate within a high-vacuum chamber, resulting in the formation of thin film layers:

Two types of PVD used by EOC are:

Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD), which is a technology that evaporates materials using electron beam bombardment with the assistance of energetic ions to enhance film packing density.

Sputtering, which is the process in which particles of solid materials are ejected from the surface using plasma bombardment.

To achieve high-quality coatings, it is crucial to have precise control over the thicknesses of the films, as well as their spatial and temporal uniformity.
After years of development, EOC has developed proprietary techniques in real-time control systems and acquired exceptional expertise in process refinement.