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Who We Are

As a leading optical thin-film filters company, EOC manufactures filters of highly sophisticated structure
which are critical to the optic communication applications. EOC’s team is passionate and committed to
provide the best quality of filters which empowers the technology that connects people and enlightens the
modern world. Our company’s core value lies on integrity, quality and innovation which are deeply rooted in
our company’s culture. EOC has a long tradition of R&D on thin film optics and some optics-related domains.
We also leverage the talents in R&D team and skilled people working for high quality fabrication to create
high-end thin-film deposition technologies. In addition, EOC continues to expand its product line and services
to meet emerging customer needs in the optic communication and optics industries.


We provide best and most reliable optical filter products and services that drive the advancement of optical communication.

We are inspired to create cutting-edge coating technologies and push the limit of fabrication capability that enable the better communication quality to improving people’s lives.

Integrity, Quality and Innovation.

Business Roadmap

Year 2018-2023
  • 5G Optics Filters for TeleCommunications
  • DWDM. LWDM, Band Saparator, BS, EDGE Filters
  • Optical Prism & filter for sensing applications

 Year 2019 and beyond
  • Expansion of the General Optical Coating Business
  • Optical Communications -- Persue Strategic Alliances in the 5G Telecom Industry
  • Produce Multimedia Industry-IR Filters for all kind of applications
  • Investigate Prism Applications in the optical Industry