In 2000, a group of experienced and enthusiastic coating engineers noted the demands and the technology of Thin Film Filters (TFF) as applied to the optical telecom industry. With the support of the SESODA Corporation and the China Venture Fund, East Tender Optoelectronics Corporation (EOC) was established.
Streamlined organization in conjunction with systematic attention to product quality and manufacturing policies at EOC resulted in their certification as an ISO9001:2015 optical TFF coating manufacturer.
EOC's superior manufactur ability, range of services, and consistently prompt product deliveries have made us a leading world supplier of optical TFFs.
EOC's Research and Development engineering expertise and industry knowledge are fundamental to their success at working strategically with a broad range of customers, each with their particular specifications and application needs.

Mission & Goal

Provide Quality Optical Coating Products and Services (in the industry)
Excellent in the development of quality optical coating products and services that meet the continuously changing demands of our customers.
Become the world leader in OEM and ODM Optical Coating products and services.

Business Roadmap

Year 2000-2003

‧ Fiber Optics TeleCommunications

Year 2003 and beyond

‧ Expand into the General Optical Coating Business
‧ Optical Communications -- Persue Strategic Alliances in the Telecom Industry
‧ Produce Multimedia Industry-IR-Cut Filters for DSC or Camera Cell Phones and Filters for DLP

‧Investigate Applications within the Medical Industry