• Manager information
    Title Country Name Gender Taking office date Main experience
    Business department manager
    Head of R&D Department
    R.O.C 蘇立群 Male 2023.01.01
    • Master of Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California
    • 大同大學Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
    • 鴻海精密工業(股)公司Senior Central Purchasing Manager
    • 緯翔科技(股)公司President
    • 鑫創科技(股)公司Deputy General Manager of Marketing
    Deputy general manager
    Special Assistant to General Manager
    R.O.C 羅惠子 Female 2016.12.12
    • Master of Industrial Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
    • 靜宜大學Bachelor of Accountancy
    • 南銘家具(股)公司Business manager
    • 東典光電科技(股)公司Sales Office Assistant Manager
    Special Assistant to General Manager
    R.O.C 張瑞聰 Male 2016.12.12
    • 聯合大學Bachelor of Optoelectronics
    • 一品光學工業(股)公司Optical engineer
    • 皇旗光電科技(股)公司Optoelectronic engineer
    Deputy General Manager of Management Department
    Accounting Supervisor
    R.O.C 許珠寶 Female 2017.02.06
    • 中興大學Bachelor of Accountancy
    • 東碱(股)公司Assistant Manager of General Manager Office 
    Operations Office-1 Senior Manager R.O.C 張宏全 Male 2024.1.1
    • Master of逢甲大學Department of Chemical Engineering
    • 中華映管(股)公司Senior process engineer
    • 東典光電科技(股)公司R&D manager
    Operations Office-2 Associate R.O.C 張志賢 Male 2020.02.01
    • 蘭陽技術學院Associate Degree in Information Management
    • 天宇工業(股)公司Quality Assurance Engineer
    • 東典光電科技(股)公司The manager of the Quality Assurance Department also serves as the supervisor of the testing instrument group of the Production Technology Department.
    Financial Officer R.O.C 林孟芳 Female 2022.01.20
    • 崑山科技大學Bachelor of Accounting Information
    • 佑豐貨運有限公司Cashier and Accountant
    • 東典光電科技(股)公司Deputy Director of Finance
    Audit supervisor R.O.C 吳曉君 Female 2019.08.02
    • 聖約翰科技大學Bachelor of Business Administration
    • 佳營電子(股)公司financial manager
    • 東典光電科技(股)公司Assistant to Finance Department
  • Succession planning for key management levels
    Employees at the manager level or above of the company are important management levels. Each employee has completed a job description and job plan, designated a job agent, and been trained and developed. When the company's managers are on vacation, the agents are required to fully implement the job agent system to gain experience. Management positions as preparation for future succession; and provide education and training from time to time in accordance with legal regulations and internal company needs to enhance their job experience and cultivate diversified talents to prepare for future succession.
  • Corporate Governance Officer
    The board of directors appointed Ms. Xu Zhuozhu, deputy general manager of the company's management department, as the director of corporate governance. She is responsible for corporate governance-related matters, including handling matters related to the board of directors, audit committee, remuneration committee and shareholders' meetings in accordance with the law; assisting directors in their appointment and continuing training; and providing directors with executive Information required for business; and assisting directors in complying with laws, etc.
  • The study situation of corporate governance managers in the 112th year of the Republic of China
    Date Organizer Course Title Hours of further study
    2023.7.26 社團法人中華公司治理協會 Forward-looking green business opportunities: zero-carbon energy production management and green electricity applications 3
    2023.8.7 證券櫃檯買賣中心 The first publicity briefing on insider equity of listed companies in Taipei 3
    2023.9.4 金融監督管理委員會 The 14th Taipei Corporate Governance Forum 3
    2023.10.26 台灣數位治理協會 The new trend of sustainability: a new era of risk and information security for leaders under digital governance 3