• Narrowband
    • The narrowband filter chip family offers channel spacing coverage from 50GHz to 400GHz. EOC maintains an extensive inventory of 100GHz and 200GHz filter chips for immediate shipment. EOC narrowband filter chips feature low loss and industry leading optical performance. The narrowband product family features low temperature coefficient of center wavelength and loss change. EOC also offers custom narrowband filters to meet your non telecom application needs.
  • Broadband
    • EOC's broadband filter chip family includes: banded "skip" filter chips, filter components for FTTx, CWDM filter components, and gain flattening filters. Customized productsCoated WDM on pigtail for hi isolation application, IR-cut filters for DSC and CCM application, R/G/B filters for DLP, and so on.
Production Description
 Mirro coating  
 Optical block CWDM/ LWDM filter optical block